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Full text of "Superintendents of the Yellowstone National Parks Monthly Reports, February 1927"

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Yel_l0W§_t_CB.e_. NATIONAL PARK 

File No. 


February, 1^27 



iteroh 4, 1927. 

Dear Sirs 

The following is a report on the activities of Yellowstone 
national Park for the month of February, 1^27: 

000 - general 

Superintendent .vl aright was absent from the park during the 
entire month of February, and daring this time was in Washington, D.C., 
performing duties in his capacity as Assistant Director (Field) . Asst. 
uupt. Leroy Hill was Acting Juporintendent during the month* except the 
pariod from February 1G-2G while he was on leave of aosence. during his 
buseuco Clerk Joseph Joffe .vas Acting Superintendent, and daring: the rest 
of the month filled the position of Acting Supervisor. Besident engineer 
L. F. Da an had general supervision of the engineering, mechanical, elec- 
trical and painting departments and the work of the carpenter foreman. 

The same fine spirit of cooperation that has prevailed in the 
park during the entire winter was in evidence luring DM mouth of February 
and splendid progress has oeen made in all departments. 

-load conditions have been good between the north entrance and 
park headquarter? throughout the month and auto travel has moved daily 
between these points, travel on the Uooke City road has been limited to 
mounted patrols b^ park rangers and tne regular weekly tripE of the Cooke 
City mail sleigh. This travel has been particularly difficult above boda 
Sutte on account of the snow depths wnioh range from 21, to 72 inches. All 
other park highways haw been closed to travel since November 23rd. 

li0 " Status of fork 

All employees of the shops and offioe have been very busy all 
winter but the clerical force has been particularly ousy during Februeiy 
because of additional work incident to assembling, cutting of stencils, and 
mimeographing the minutes of the Superintendents' Conference of 192&, whioh 
minutes were aont to this park for putting into final shape. During the win- 
ter several nundred lettoru have oeen written to persons who visited the park 
during the 192& season asking for tneir oonments regarding the park. Applica- 
tions for employment and requests for Government literature are being reoeived 
at the rate of aoout 3® par 4ay 

« { 




itrj oris 




130 - Finance and accounts * 

The total appropriation availuble to Yellowstone National 
Park for the current fiecal yofr is , Q([*A r o, There is a reserve 

set up against these appropriations cf 11 ,940,0c and an additional sum 
of $16,774* 00 was transferred from the Yellor/stone appropriation to 
the Glaoier Park appropriation to take care of a portion of the ex- 
pense of fighting the forest fire. Bill leavoo a balance available 
for expenditure in the p»rk of |4$7»&32*4*< -'' ie close of February 28, 
I927, finds the status of these $tf&ins4 appropriations as follows: 

Total available for expenditure in the park ... • •••$ 497*^9 2 *4& 

Voucher Record Payments $403»715 # 57 
3ook Liabilities 3,562.16 

Freight unpaid 1, 2^1. 27 

Salaries unpaid 95 # 53 

i!eals unpaid 05,00 

Or. v/lndsor unpaid 213.^ 

Total expended and obligated 414.913.03 

Balance, unexpended and unobligated . ^9.45 


Ulotments Expended Balance 

Previously reported t353.o83.00 ^2,931.47 1)1*3 

Repaid in February ^__ 27.62 27. b?. 

$353,083.00 .^2,903.85 179.15 


Previously reported 28,700,00 27,341,21 1,358.79 

Expended during February _______ _________ 

#28,700,00 27,341.21 1,358.79 


Previously reported 340,586.00 256.606.qg 83,979.07 

Expended during February | 12,722.60 12,722.60 

34o',!$6.oo 269,329.31 71,256.39 


Previously reported 125,906.46 110,858.69 15,047.77 

Expended during February 1,144.94 I.144.94 

125,906.46 112,003.63 13,902,83 


( < 

( i 

SJiliqorqqa Laic* *c 

r-'jrrx- 3c Jet 



tota&tirfooi hpi 






APPHDPRUTIOJT 4740b IK5EC? ISfB^'SXTlOS 9 *• P., I927 

Allotments "^t:p*mAe4 'alance 

Previously reported $2,500.00 3 1,041.00 $1,458.90 
Exne'ided dwlry? February ______ _________ 

2,500.. 1,041.00 145C 30 


( ( ( I 

150 - equipment and supplies 

Mmployees of the transportation Department were engaged daring 
the aonth in hauling ooal and moving supplies at headquarters, hauling 
ooal from Gardiner to Mammoth (200 tons), gasolene and market supplies 
from Gardiner to tfa.saoth and hay for elk* 

Commissary employeee wore engaged in Inventorying supplies, 
oullding shelves for equipment, receiving and storing supplies, issuing 
supplies and equipment, repairing tools and equipment for road camps, 
oleaning out garage and shops, cleaning Mammoth damp, staoles and yard, 
and burning bridge and the old target range house near Gardiner. 

200 - Maintenance, Improvements and Mew Construction 

210 - maint enance 

■■wwii m iiit' w ii i ^ i i n h i i 

jio road oelntenanoe has been done this month* It has aeen 
necessary to clear the roads of snow twice during the month so that 
traffic could reach Massac th. 

220 - JJnprovoiaenta- iulldings 

Carpenter 3hop t The teo carpenters have made the usual small 
maintenance repairs around the different buildings, in addition to build- 
ing shelves and bins In the Plumbing Shop* &sctrioal Shop and Coneilsaary 
and Oarage. 2hey have also built a stake platform body for a .hlte truck 
and repaired three stake oodles for our FtfD freighters. 

Painting Department ! Jfee following work was done by the Master 
Painter* finished tfprlnkel*s quarters complete - painting, varnishing, 
nalsoadning, oleaning, etc.; decorated lodge room complete; glased ^2 
pieces of glass daring February} started work at Judge Eeldram's quarters 
on February 2bth. Area days were devoted to cleaning the paint shop and 
miscellaneous work. 

P lumping Department * 2he following work was done by the Plumbing 
Division during the month: Six steam plants and four hot water plants 
were operated during the month, consuming 53 tw» of ooal. Four new grates 
were installed in heating boiler in office building; built heavy stovepipea 
for heating stoves in Bowman's quarters and in paint shop; Installed large 
rap valve on steam boiler in new oentrel plant; repaired roof of school 
houaet ohaiged 12 fire extinguishers; installed drain pipes from refrigerator 
in Mr. Hill's quarters; made heavy sheet iron cleanout pans for chimneys in 
Mr. aurrell's quartersi installed new low down toilet complete in Sprinkel's 
quarters; installed new water back in range in Scatty* s quarters; roughed 
in plume ing work for oath, toilet, wash basin and 40-gal. range boiler in 
MoFarland's quartersi installed new faucets and sink in Collins' quarters; 
thawed out gates at reservoir and general maintenance work to water end 
sewer systems at iiamaoth. 

{ { L < 

- Ill 

*y *imb r.&AiV'.fit •*•« fUr<aR* t*'«5;tK. K«i*t*'&oqp*ax!I Art 3 '10 •cwQOlqpfc 

- ry a ^fllvti- .■:.*■ loot jir.liiuui At x»KCff «jff 

gate at 2 . ;.. ■..»-. . ■.. .■ -..'-'.;.:♦. w im&m&»p* -xoi ioWmIi pliUM 

■*? fta .awqliiji* irut a»liqqs« 

t oa** *a*aafii rjfiiiawlw .aqptfo t.-w «v*i*l tt*« aaiooalo 
-is «jjo* a$tt»«t #* 

2*0* •« ■ .'jiiae , oaxf iWHt^aiw i»cn oil 

1 -;-:. I MM wmm M M*»l Mt •?.•■,. I pMMN 

Mrft . Ml 


I MM Ml <: j>v w \ 

B1**l»*f C f fl 

>/qovo obc? •" 

tmO be* qort inlcfcvl v orv . i*i* * 

3taa* »*JtdS fc iti xbod m- ; »*8*i * oal* mo* wriV .ej*na4i tea 

ixnlmvt bum 

KSKn ratals! 

SM«I» tjaUxiteOaX** 

Aba qofia «ii yluMXo 03 f>*#«roft oiov * ^t »«vE .d*fe •#*,<,»•% M 

10V WK»0t liBMlc* 

" "■ • ■ " : • « ; - iM ffl**I£fll > '. MMM#^MMI «lM»i > 

»*«** J tv« «*aaXq mat !& coiali 

*» wen <m tot* *i *n<* ^ ^tlsoaaoo ,j*sa* a* %. 

*■<■'■■■'■•■ ' - • s «:..'/!(< -,;■ nj : i; r;.. .■.;,»>,- c. teiJsJ rJ MM 

*tf** ; e nM« c -..-ot si »«ro*a 90! ?«aa i«* 

Lsoai ^mI« Le**mo was si Twiieo mo** sc avlar arx 
ui«*& \ ,xis**ii i*vmiupittm m tesxasc tnsil 

■*i ( 'i trs«f »Amb (ti^uu: 

•*%» ,v ;: " J - • ^. ~' ■ Ml 14 w n ml MM uM w#i; iMtiM^MJ ; 1 Hmm 

- .^ tea rri^w at*** ,i«xioi ,^. t 101 ;-jf> s . 

1 MvomA van Mliialaal ;<in»4 x«c> e f »n»ii»!IMI 
*o« itJ«- 0$ xu>* wHtamiaim larmm*% km ilmnti u Mm* 3n bm%> 

*• acwttxp wtN 

Electrical Department i 2txo employees of this department were 
during the south in rearranging and cleaning op the shop, and 
general maintenance wo lie around Headquarters. 

Oarage * She Jtestsr Keehanic and his assistant* did the follow- 
ing eorit daring the month* Misoellanooos repairs on three freight trucks; 
made a thorougi inspection of *uad. iku 533 ( sprinkler; j overhauled com- 
pletely 2 freight trucks He. F*, r D 515 and 3rah«n -fo. 5.46; overhauled com- 
pletely 3 tank tracks Mb, FTJ 522, 525 and 526; overhauled cotaple fcely 2 
cars, Dodge fll and ^odge #l6j overhauled 1 power drag saw and 15 dump 

250 - do* Construction - Ito&ds 

2hsre use been no road worn carried on during the month. 

2(j) - .us-rid scape MM 

Jo wo ric along this line has oeen dona this month. 

300 - Aotlvltlss of other Agencies in the Park 

3H - Character of Service Rendered to the Public 

iao general store at Mesmsth Kot jorlnf?*. hso seen Ojvsrntod 
throughout the month for the convenience of park residents and visitors; 
meals can be had at the community mess house at park headquarters, and 
lodgings are provided special visitors upon reqjsst* 

400 - Flora, fauna and natural phenomena 

4*° ~ Hanger Service 

Chief Banger tfoodrlng set in the headquarters liatriot from 
the 1st to 12 tii during which time his activities consisted of elk and 
deer feeding, the oaptnre and shipment of 55 olic » rtiti petrols on Glen 
and iseeco Creeks, mounted patrols of the sheep and antelope rangs, re- 
pairs to saddl9 horse and pack equipment and repairs to the elk corral 
and catching pen* He was on a ski patrol and tour of inspection in the 
Western sad Southern Supervisory territories from the i^th to 20th in- 
clusive, proceeding via Morris and Madison Junction to iiversiie Station, 
near Seat Yellowstone, and from thence to ths dechler .liver station along 
the west boundary, distance $6 miles. Snow depths along the west boundary 
were noted as follows: ivaet Yellowstone 60 inches, •anHi Riverside Cabin 
102 inohec, duffal© La*e Caoln 11 8 Inches, Boundary Oreok Cabin I08 inches, 
•eshler River Station 107 inches. Slissard conditions prevailed throughout 
the west aoundary petrol and he broke through waist deep at viany points. 
the Imelli Riverside to duffalo Lake patrol, distance lo miles, required a 
siti trip of 17 hours* duration. His plans to patrol east from Uechler 


c < i » 

mum $maiid&q*B9l& *o ••*x**^p» •« 

j J i mat ait fccn«vis jfeow •>— —Jg*«w i** 


i I • . 

„ T; '.' I *' V. . » V 

i - OOfk 

r:U«& Ml 

• t .■ . 

Station along the south boundary to Snake Hiver, Upper Yellowstone and 
along the east shore of Yellowstone Lake were postponed In order to 
comply with a request of the Paris: Superintendent that a oonnt of the 
Yellowstone elk herds be sueaiitted to the Vashington Office at the earliest 
practicable late* llo proceeded from Deahl er ; tat inn to Ashton, Idaho, on 
the 21st and from thonoe by tr^in to park headquarters, arriving on the 
2"5rd. Sha elk ootrat has been in progress since the ?/\th and a detailed 
report will be submitted on or abotat ilaroh 2nd. 

Assistant flalttf danger 2rlg«hman has nude extensive patrols in 
the ass tern and central areas daring the month. He has covered the entire 
west boundary luring the last half of the month. Hia patrols earlier in 
the month were from iiiverslie to Old Faithful* and from thenos to par* 
aaadquartoro frm ;7hloh point he patrolei the Ji strict lylnr* west and 
north of Jopulcher fountain and later return to his duty station, via 
lorrls and Madison Junction, on the l*,th. He is now petroling the elk 
range in the UalUtin district. 

Assistant vhief "vauger Joaglas has &mn engaged in the following 
activities during the month* Routine wore at aeadquorters station, super- 
Tlslon of elk and deer feeding at Plough Craejc and ^ianmotu, assisting ml th 
elk captures for ehipmonts, siountad patrols and tours of inspection in the 
Northern Supervisory territory, repairs and Maintenance to telephone lines 
and assisting with lift oik oount now in progress. CSbiof £vnger i*iek nas been in tim Southern and J antral 
areas tar it the MMrifej his patrols have included the Canyon, L.auce, 

2hama and Snajts diver districts. He reports unusual snow depths and 
generally good conditions at all points covered by his patrols* 

Assistant Chief iangor tireer was engaged in the routine work of 
the Chief Hanger's office daring the first 12 days of the month, consisting 
in part of correspondence with applicants for temporary ranger appointments, 
preparation of the protection department eatiiaste for the fiscal year 192% 
the preparation of s special report of plans and equipment for fnreat fire 
prevention and control in fellowstone Park with recommendations for future 
improvements. He clso assisted with tnn ?f stare STotes publication, and on 
the 13th to 15th inolasive accompanied tie Chief i' ark iiangsr on ■ ski 
patrol from headquarters to Hiverside Station. He proceeded from Riverside 
Li tat ion on annuel leave on the 17th enroute to Aahton, Idaho, to attend the 
annual dog derby, fflbe trip, was made on skIs along the railroad rirjht of 
way, distance ^b miles, luring an Interval of ? lays' travel time. He re- 
taraed to headquarters by train on the 2oth, and has Piatt been engaged in 
report compilation and the other routine work of the Caief Sanger^ Office. 

the duties of rangers in the various station districts have con- 
sisted of the regular winter season patrols, predatory animal hunting, 
emergency repairs and maintenance to telephone lines, snow removal from 
ouildings, horse feeding at the iancey Reach, *ild animal feeding in the 
mammoth and aloo#x Creek iHstrlots, assisting with the oapture of elk for 
shipment, special mounted and ski patrols in connection with the elk count 


( ( 

( ( 

Ma MB***" • •*■ 'si *"■■ ri: " v '' ' •' 




- •-,.. . -. ■ ■-. .-. . . ... .0 :*.- ! " $M 

J sot .: 


|MK>> . 

. r*ji 

now la progress and routine station duties. All patrols have dean 
regularly imvie throughout thv park* and condition* are good. 

47° - animate 

Forage conditions nave notarially isgpravod slncu the January 
report, *iild temperatures and vara winds have oaaasd the snow to rapidly 
disappear from the loser levels sad many of the exposed rid t es are now 
windswept. 'x ton sire area? of good fora&e km* A>reu am 'i 

the past t.vo wea£s. Jno elk, doer and other a lid animal £ are wintering 
splendidly. Losses resulting frrra lack of for^e and winter reason 
ssverities hare been slight. 

13.'." A npeolal count of the I'eliOASt :ne oik berds has been In 
progress ni:r»j tha ?tth wtl « i«t»12eJ rt , ort will be Included herein. 
Representatives of the Forest Service and the 't.te Game tment of 

Montana are c r>pf.r.'*tinp vith as in oar efforts to secure Hat uoet possible 
ooaat. Proctloally tho antiro rang&r personnel in the Northern and '-astern 
Supervisory territories, has been assigned to tills work. 2ie elk are widely 
scattered over flat ir winter rau t ;e. Very little of this range wleaim the 
park can be ooTored aaiur present conditions oy taountel j 3trolg. Skis and 
snowshoes are used ataost exclusively, ftta hundred and fifty slk hare been 
fed at the Plough Oreek MMletof throashoat the month, itarely more than 200 
have been frequenting the feed ground at i*amaeth and their uppearances hare 
been sauewh^t Irre^xar iuriut; the p sake as man} of -oy 

rii^es are no-- 'one over ad and aaa? ^reft I ttM natural forage to artificial 
f^ed. £,nips»nt* have been made during the nsonth M follow s$ 

b-tate (tame harden of AliMMM 1 carload shipment, of 

?1 covts ajaj ty ouiis 55 

Col. ?• $'. Johaeon of ~%»xU-.u, *k>., 2 uuil 1 

i.'o tau 5^ 

She Arisen* shipment arrived nt its rail destination vithout loss 
but I am info read that a loss of ssy«:i was occasioned by aVrtT romoval from 
tho car to tae various distant points where they vers finally -elaseed. 2he 
young boll shipped to Mexico, Mo., is reported to hare Had en route and am 
are now oar r»*ap ending '**■ ■•• liWitlMM arlttl tar * r iew of shipping him 
another to cover the lose. Our elk shipments this season to date totsi 74* 
*ito a loss of only one en route. One oar load snipmont of 30 to the State 

a and Gaac i> apartment of Uontaaa has been recently authorised Viy the 
Director ana we plan to make the shipment, if possible, on or about the 
o&h of kareh. Five losses from winter kills wad accidental oauoos hrvo 
been ousurvud during Uxe month amiah toguaher *.i Bi 3C r liaVJoaf reported 
mexee a total of 2F, this season to date. 

jJhe special count of the Y«*l©wet one ellc Lords as directed by the 
Park oqperantendent ia reported in detail as folio *e» 


< i 

( ( 


fMMM • 

-iD Mil ntmir, 

. i 


. pMg 


41 i 

%<o JU 

Cooks City iianflor station to Soda MNi Caoln 186 

Mt. lorris, Oachs Creek, Joda 3utte fc Lamar River 238 

Miller Crook and Upper Lamar River Jistriot 35 

Soda dutte to dose Crook 35 2 

Plough Crook abovs tho canyon 777 
Slough Crook to Rose Crook along aorta side of Lamar R.113 
Amethyst Crook to Tower Falls along tho summit of 

Speotaen nidge 413 
Amethyst Croof to Tower Falls along the north slope 

of specimen Hidge 498 

Towsw foils and vicinity 334 
Tower Falls to disentail between highway and Yellow- 

stone River 665 
Slough Oreo* to Hellroaring, area north of slough 

Creek, «*amar and Yellowstone tivars 638 
diao&tail to Gardiner Riser along west slope of 

Mt, -ivorta 8l 

Area southwest of Old dlaoktail Cabin 115 
Area southeast of Old diaoktall Cabin and south of 

Tower Fails Road 132 
Loss Crook from Gardiner River to points in tho 

vicinity of «raith Falls 108 

Resoae Creek and vicinity 227 

Northwest slope of Mt. averts 270 

north slope of ilt. iverts and target rsnas 6t>5 

Mammoth Parade Grounds and Ticinity of Buffalo Corral 6l 
cast of power plant and in vicinity of eatohing pen 

near Car diner Riser l89 

d«ll park near 1 mile post north of Mammoth 62 

Ios Lake and vicinity 132 
.iast slope of Sepoloher fountain from horse pasture 

to Hopme Crook 900 

Along Hoppe Crook 250 

Horse pasture and Primrose Creek 104 

noil Mountain, Hellroaring and Coyote Creek vicinity 97 
Hellroaring Crook to Crevice Station along oast side 

of Yellowstone Riser, i no lading Crevice end 

Cottonwood daalns 10^9 

Cresioe Station along park uoundary to Buffalo Flats 221 
Snow Paaa, Glen Crook and southwest slope of Sepal- 

ohor Mountain 104 

Along highway from Golden (tote to Uprr is 22 
On awadows along Gibbon River between Morris and 

Madison Junction 3& 
On meadows along the Uadison and Firoholo Rivers, in- 
cluding the Y.«. pasture in tho Riverside District 248 

Grayling Creek district and Uadiaon National Forest 1*jG 

^oilcan iieadows, Lake District 23 

Vara basins in inaiw River District 44 

Vara basins along boundary Creak-.iochlor .'liver Dist. 13 

solfatara jasin. Canyon District 7 

Meadows along. east arm of Yellowstone Lake 10 

Total of counts within the park 



( < 

( * 



♦ a.-jd «''•' «^<x 

■".' Jl*»*! 

■ ifthH «i -uioJU tXi 




f I J 

MP] | 

..,-, bJ[ 

M | 

« ft* 

qpla *««■ 


•; | I 


Counts on area north of Park ioundary along the Yellowstone Hirer 
Power House on iicar Greek, looker** Ranch and vicinity of 
MoCanley Mill 2^0 

^ast aide of Yellowstone Hirer from Dsiley'a iaein to Jardine 1690 
Head of Tepee Urea*, Hr^en Lake and Quaking Ash Hollow 23 

Sphinx Creek, Yankee Jim Ridge and .est oide of Lower 

Molheron Greok 35 

Cinnabar Mountain 272 

Upper Molheron Creek 65 

Vicinity of Aldrioh 7Q 

fleece Creek 285 

Land within Game Preservation Ranch and on forest land 

back of it 586 

Total of counts outside the Park 323b 

Total count exclusive of the Gallatin Herd 13043 

Plus addition of 10> allowed for all that escaped observation """ - 

and not included in above actual counts 1304 

Plus estimated total of the Gallatin Herd 

Grand Total 



The estimated total of the Gallatin Herd is based on counts se- 
cured by the State Pi ah and Game Department of Montana and the Forest Service 
and Park Service men after the close of the hunting season early in the win- 
ter, and it is agreed that a total of 3»000 is a conservative estimate of the 
numoer in this herd. 

The counts within the p*rk include 114V prime bulls. 3is spike 
bulls were not separately counted. 3ie reports from outside the park con- 
tained no separate counts of the bulls although it *as noted that the number 
seen was considerably less than the number knc/n to be in the district, fiearly 
all the bull counts submitted were from remote points alon/j the hi$i ridges 
and it la presumed that a great many e«cip<*d 0'JS*rva*.ion as the bands were 
more widely scattered than ever before at this season of the year. These 
conditions were considered when 10$ was added to the actual count* Only 5 
dead elk were seen during the entire count. One of these had bogged down in 
a sinkhole in the Blaoktail District, another had drowned in 31ough Creek and 
three were winter kills. Herd conditions are, in general, the best ever seen 
at tills season of the >ear. jome losses, however, ^re anticipated among the old 
animals on the feed ground at slough Greek and a few old cows and weak calves 
along the east side of the Yellowstone Hivor between He 11 roaring and Crevice 

Deer : There were no unusual deer counts submitted during the 
month although they have been seen in their usual numbers at points noted 
in previous reports. The losses observed during the month consist of 5 
coyote kills; 1 occurred in the Maamoth District, 1 in the Gardiner District 
and 3 in the Hellroaring District, total 5. The season total is 26, ex- 
clusive of the kills made by hunters. Total losses from all causes 136. 


1 < 

( ( 



«t»i8 , ; 


\mrw9wi t^-*i^ 

o mmtoo to 1st- 

:oa ovoefa nl toil. * ..a 

30 art loiatd X>a*a»U*aa c 

1 t»» trV 


i tad? I 

1 eC 

I taa 


oKJttrlj»« aa9 
tnaatf-iscraC aicaQ fci's jfeil •*»48 uU ^o aawa 

nan aoi~r*a8 in*-: tea 

•*<tf a *ad* aaavfta aJ *J i*w ,ia4 

•few* aid* nl 

loa anaw lj 
i aA* io ■ sieinqwe 00 b«f 

Cirta^aftleizoo saw oaaa 

*Joa aiflj u *4i £iy 

SOT3 * 3«'Pr il am 

t aioa 

)I aajfo te^aalaaoe artmi ar.clo ifcuoo 

Una art f- taaa a^av 9b 

^« a«fr oi c j a 

<xa)*i* a-raw 99X03 

A3 lo ooaaaa aid) da 

. ir.exi «••) en* oo 

o ai-i- >idj 3C0 la 


:*L iaaacira an a^aw rrHt 
aa al* jov* i^et «,, 

• tMtaol t»d? 

i btm 


There will be sons losses among tha aid aoae and fa#nx in the Hellroaring 
District is ill to 9 few have aeon observed in a weakened condition. 
However, It Is lot oonsidered that these losses will be la excess of normal. 

Aat«l^e_i Bxere aro now 2^0 antolope 0:1 'Jielr winter rangs ont- 
sida the par a. Taoir fao«e»'jnts and condition srs observed daily by the 
ranger aeeigued to the special antelope patrol. There la very little enow 
In tale area a :idf forays conditions are good. £ loss of one, a winter kill. 
oocurrod during the idonta. 2ae snow ia rapidly disappearing from their 
r^ige withli tji>« yarti and the oands are all in excellent condition. 198 
were counted on the north slope of Mt. averts on the afternoon of February 
2cth Lwi several email oands ore ranging trie slopes of Sepulcher Mountain. 
She re has uoon a loss of only 4 this season to date* 

Uheo£: &e folio* ing sheep counts hate been submitted oy rangers 
on patrol dor lag the icon tat Mt. Morris 38, Specimen juidge 83, including- 2J 
nuns, Junction Catte 12* Junction of Plough Cree* and Lamar River 18, lit. 
Averts 24* Yoilo-sstooe Canyon near oouth of Joar OreeA 11, iiellrearing dis- 
trict along the Tellowatone 21, total 207. Jso losses have been observed 
daring the month. 

Moose ; The noose reports of the past month nave not oeen annsoal 
in any particular* 'fhelr condition is excellent *»ud no losses are known to 
have occurred. 

Buffalo - Lamar alter Her dt Jhere has been sn averse of bOO 
buffalo on tne feed gp'ouud "thr oa#*ou t tiie snnth* All tne hay on the upper 
meadows had oeea fed by the 21 st and on shis date tney were rwaeved to a 
new feed ground on the lower meadows. Shey were extremely restless prior 
to their removal to fcfl am* fe*»u ground and four stampedee occurred. Five 
ooea have aborted durii^f tu« mouth, ihe herd is In e^eoilent condition. ?he 
calves haie oeen segregated from tne main herd slnoe January and they are in 
equally as e>ood coaaitlou as the adults. 

buffalo - Cold ^reek-X'el loan Crook iierd t juanawri; on patrol in the 
districts frequented a* this nerd nave ooserved a band of 12 near baddle 
Mountain, a band of b on ht. Morris and a band of ^ near the Pelican Creek 
Cabin. A few oigns were also observed in the vicinity of Sold Creek. 

<Tsl<Ww1 Brm r^ort.a to aave recently appeared in the 
vicinity of iiivortoa, #yo., and there is reasoa to uelieve that they have 
drifted from oue of toe remote oands on the headwaters of the Lamar. It is 
quite possloito tha* their drift *es do^n rulioan ureek and along the east 
shora of Yellowstone Lake and that they left the paw* via the Upper Yellow- 
stor*. ShU drift ooold be variously estimated at from Qfl to )M miles. An 
inquiry has recently been addressed to ■** ikomas !■ Wineoofi" of hiverton, 
Wyo», requesting all information obtainaolo concerning these animals. 


( ( 

■■■ - neitfi if •(.;., 


P I i 

| | HO 


r • >■•.- I 

<»1 ©«< 

a i 

4 kmd • 

.0* a» ^ii4K>a 

9969 o&ic mv /' 


Ml I 


jtoarsi A large black boar that has Dean hibornating under the 
hotel at Yellowstone Lake appeared on the trails In the vicinity of the 
buildings on the 1'jth. de was -eat daring an interval of 2 days* His 
activities consisted in part of the theft of a has from the winter 
Keeper and after finding nothing farther of interest he returned to his 
den* Shis is the first and only activities of bears reported since late 
last fall with the exception of the captive bear Juno at headquarters 
station* Frequent visits have been made to hie den during the past two 
souths end we find that he is easily aroused but is very sluggish in his 
movements, ne accepts very little food and rarely emerges from his den. 
4is disposition is harmless and gentle* 

Predator., xialmals * #o lion or wolf signs were observed dozing the 
snath and there has been very few signs of predatory activities by lions or 
wolves tiiia season* This ie the mating season for coyotes and they have 
been seen in unusual numoers during the past 3 weeks* it is not unusual to 
sea from 2 to 4 running together. They are always seen in close proximity 
to beads of elk, dear* antelope or sheep, bat they have :nede coss>arati vely 
few kills this season to date* Twenty- three coyotes ware killed by park 
rangers daring the month.whloh, together with 185 previously reported, 
makes a total of 208 this season to data as compared with 225 to March 1st 
last year, and 1C3 to March let, 1925 * 

Small Animals . There is nothing of special interest concerning 
small animals at this time* 

Water Fowl . Ducks and geese are increasing in nambors along the 
Yellowstone and Madison Kivers and their tributaries and swan have beam 
seen as usual at several points* 

fluff alo and Other Ranch Operations : The principal activities at 
Buffalo Hanoh have consisted of the care and feeding of the herd* Con- 
siderable difficulty has been experienced in keeping them on the feed 
ground and four stampedes have occurred* There has been an average of 
oOO on the feed ground throughout the month exclusive of the oalf hard 
whioh numbers 109* Other activities have consisted of the care and feeding 
of horses and routine work at the ranch. One hundred and eighty-five tons 
of hay was fed to the buffalo and 7 tons was fed to the horses during the 

The activities at the Plough Creek Ranch have consisted principally 
of elk feeding and the care and feeding of the ranch horses* &k feeding began 
at this point an January l8th* There has been an average of approximately &jQ 
on the feed ground daily and 84 tons of hay has been fed* Other activities have 
consisted of routine work incident to the maintenance and upkeep of the ranch 

The activities at the Yancey Hanoh during the month have consisted 
of the care and feeding of the Park Service and ranger horses by the ranger 


»43 vbtw sKlJeirracir: naw* a*Ji i suiJ neao XocXc aa/taX » uwi 
litf lo \. r UU 0i I aatt iir ttaeo.qe a*a»i axefawoXTaX #« Id J on 

• J v*«fcl n« •;. 

<•,.-«'.. .iUfuv* -jftiittoa 1 *att* ima 

i 6#*i oq*l aictoo xo aalJlrWo*. .fl»a 

•>,r 'ul3 ' \ laal 

;> Imo t;Jb nat . Ui oi vtaa- ;.cx»c J a 

i «i « •-■« ton 

•v a^tjBOO^ *. 
♦ •iiflf. ••alar. 

»r«if ^ftrfs aaui i jajJMM • ..I'-rZcoa i 

o* XaBtsai& rics. 1 .*•%» c -«»vi «<■■* aaJva aiaaaaan fnuaaiim «i «•«• <■»•* 

. jv JLj*ruao/a*a *tm -iViV.. 1 ,*u> .ial 0.1 
.t^ \c IfeXXlA tiWMi aofo^aa aa>i Us ■ - ' tmtyf.. 

v* »rfa 9iimuA ataman 

I d»*a& rj .*& riliw »'»n«<.*vr ■• «*•& oj ao&ioa s 1j* ftt : a aaaawi 

• £S?X «*aX cavta* a* ?0l bM ,'j«v saal 

•: : 90M »«a*«fc - •.::*■••* H g KaYav U taaafl ijji :?■ iaaal 

art* $rro!n ataataa i-.J <*ala«a*t*il en« *••*$ taa axaoC 

ajafjal MRU ■ ... | Ifli BaJNaftfl v,:-?.: [i«? t:-*'i - ■■ ;.' 

v cm n^v.; a«4 aaatfff .jbanooo'j >\ :** fawn.... 

fnaxi *X*o m» > wiaci cob* tfNm *r*j i»a»i|jMfal> t«c«v in** Mti U 0W 
ajKlfeatft £«» oteo flrtlo fcatfalaaoe avatf .-* «tarv 

axK d&le Ann fcrtfcwa/1 arrC « aaa-iac 

•i *.wici wrsn i aaw -sjaa 

.a aitt *a 9t iJitli t» aril 
'rauri adl lo r:JJ»*a* as* #«b«* tttuf ac« yilb*al 3tXa le 
t^aaja lo upiwe «a «©ao a« ,f— nti t 

si at al mi xXX«* bumvt\ 

o?.a\ » laau^pi taw aayuasartsl aat *.-* 

■fJ #• ac 

: , •-. km \l ■-*■ -r. -. ri :»r: tan cj iv- v .. xr.\ atfi to t ; taaal ir a<s*t aaH la 

In charge at Tower Palis Station. A© only activities at the Gardiner 
Hanah have consisted of nay hauling for el* and deer feeding at lUmmoth. 
Suit work was performed by rangers* A detail el report of all hay fad at 
tha various ranohaa daring; the winter season will be submitted when theaa 
activities are conclnrted. Measurements of the balance on hand at the various 
ranches at that tine will enable; us to determine the- axaot amount fed* 2he 
weights submitted from month to month are necessarily inaccurate as the hay 
is not measured or weighed at the time it is removed from the stacks* 

4^° " Natural Phenomena 

Mammoth Hot Springs ? It would appear that the hot springs are 
resuming their activity - one of the earliest sifne of preparation for tha 
ooming season* i*he only changes since i?st month are for the better* 

lbs lower spring on Hyaen Tarrscs Is very hot xid there is more 
water ooming out of it than there has been for come time* T3xa main spring 
here and tha one at the foot of Devil's ?hnmb arc barely existent. 

Cleopatra evidences more activity than all during the paat summer, 
the spring nearest toe ferrace Trail having covered a large area with ice 
and a new opening having appeared on the north face of the old terrace 
which has been dry for a numoer of years* 

The east face of iiound, tho it has been oovered with snow all 
winter, has not lost its yellow coloring vrhich has been there since last 
season when it was active* At present this portion seems to be warming up 
as from some of the cracks steam is issuing* the western spring is very 
active again, flowing down on two sides and covering the formation between 
ttound end Pulpit with a sheet of ioe nearly t^o hundred yards square* 

The Jupiter Springs are much the sams ae they were at the beginn- 
ing of last summer* A great quantity of very hot rater is issuing from the 
spring farthest south, the two pools srs both full end the largest one is 
overflowing somewhat toward the west but none over the face of the terrace, 
and the new spring which broke out at the close of the season is about as 
active as it was st this time last month. 

All of the springs above the level of Jupiter are about the si 
as they were last msnth with no activity on or about ^ngsl Serraee, Jhite 
elephant, Qran#» Spring, Bath Lake or Soda Spring, dtnlactite and 3tygian 
Oaves are both very beautiful, bein^ filled with lcislos, some of them as 
much as fifteen feet Ion,?. Devil's Kitchen waa again carefully examined far 
bats and as before no traces were found. 

many squirrel, mouse. Jack rabbit, snowahoe rabbit, elk, dser 
and two marten tracks wero noted in the vicinity of the formations* 


< ( 

( ( 


at: J 


IMJ {_..■».. 


MMlti - 


lie vfltfa ifJlw *<rw»cw> G*»»o' ten 31 oAS .fcow otf Jb*§ •£. 


- t» Jlai 


it >v. 

mm v ri3 •■ 
on* •• 

JTOlfcd mi inn a*«c 


woe #v- 


Uppor geyser Sosln t i'he g^ywr activity daring the month has 
bean, on the whole, noticeably more /igoroue than the corresponding 
math last year* Thlle thero has boon a narked slowing dorm in many 
oases it in no way aqaais the exceptional irregularity of the preceding 

2he outstanding event of the month was an unusually vigorous 
eruption of the tiiant on February 4th* The last eruption was on October 
20th an interval which is quits consistent with the three ajonths period 
over aaich this geyser appears to be operating* 

Riverside is performing very close to its snaroer standard; the 
Interval is unchanged t7ir hours) and there is only f. slight redaction of 
water being ejected* Ae s&rae is true ox" u»isy altho its indicator, Bonlta 
x'ooi, is so irregular as to be quits undependable* Grotto seems to oe in 
eruption leas frequently than usual* Its partner, Rocket, is displaying 
unwonted vigor* Oastle is still playing in its ordinary spurting manner; 
this is the longest period without a "big eruption" *fr«x3teita-iryfr*» ever 

Grand has oe^n observed in eruption somewhat less frequently than 
la January but more so than in February of 1926* Ihere is little change in 
the character of i ts activity. Sawmill has beocne v&iry erratic, playing 
continuously for a day or more and then becoming dormant for an equal 
period* 2he Lion Group has not fulfilled Its early promise of unusual 
activity* However, the Dragon, a minor geyser nearby, has been extremely 
active in its small way* Doth Giantess and Beehive have been dormant during 
the two months of the current year* 

While Old Faithful is playing much more nearly on its summer 
schedule than last winter it still departs somewhat from its usual clock- 
like regularity* Six consecutive eruptions averaged 67 minutes; however, 
irregular intervals {45 to 75 minutes) are more frequent than in sunnier* 
Snare i a practically no change in the elevation attained Out the duration 
of the eruption is conspicuously shorter* 

Lone Star Geyser has not been seen in consecutive eruptions but 
the single eruptions were quite normal* 3iscnit oasin is unchanged and the 
same may be said for 31a ok Sand Basin except for the fact that the Spout er 
drained early in the month and remains so at the time of writing* 

^ 0<) " Peo of Park Facilities oy the Public 
5 10 ~ increase or decre ase in travel 

All entrance sni exit travel during the month was via the 

Garllaer Gateway. There was no travel beyond park headquarters, winter 
season visitors are not registered and we have no exact check of the 
travel. However, travel conditions have been goad between Livingston, 


( ( # 

■J . 

/ '-■**! 

sate! ttrfw 

I -ii 
Leap* a* jelve»tf B9dS kas 

:jMUK0 H' MJLnotiq vita* «li t* 



• - <■ ■ 

Montana, and park headquartors, and there haa been a limited number 
of looal visitors. Airty-two traveling in 15 oars are known to hare 
journeyed to headquarters since tie last report. 2he preseason travel 
to data consists of 1299 visitors traveling in |79 oars, aa compared 
with 514 visitors traveling in l&t tan for the sane period of preseason 
travel last year. 

^20 - General gather oaidltioas 

^21 - In thu park 

fomparaturo * Monthly mean, 22.9° • is 3«3° above normal. Com- 
paratively mild temperatures prevailed throughout the month, except a 
fear days of moderately cold weather at the beginning of the second week. 
Ho adverse winter oondition3 ocourre i. Phe highest temperature was 40° 
on the 21st; lowest -9° on the 9th. 

Precipitation * Total, 0.36 inch, is O.98 Inches below normal. 
I*ight snow occurred at frequent Intervals. '3ie greatest 24-hour precipita- 
tion was .26 inch, mostly rain, on the 20-21st. 

Snowfall * Total 6.9 inches; normal 14*8 inches. The greatest 
depth of snow on Si groudn was /.8 inches on the 1st; at the end of the 
month tnere were 0.8 laches of compact snow, slightly crusted. 

>71nd * Average hourly velocity was 10»4 nalles; normal 8.1 miles. 
The unusually light wind movement of the first half of the month was follow- 
ed 0j> a week of strong velocities, the highest being 4D miles per hour from 
the southwest on the 21st • 

Sunshine* Percentage of possible 41; normal 54* ^arabor of 
days clear 3, partly cloudy 9» cloudy lC, with .01 inch or mor*» precipita- 
tion 19. 

Form 1030 is attached hereto. 

Snow Jepths : Snow depths throughout the park with comparative 
figures for 192b and 192^ are noted as follows: 

inches inches Inches 

station 192I lg26 I9g7 

duffalo Ranch lb 1? 17 

Soda Sutte Jobin 14. 14 24 

Cooke Jity station 37 40 b2 

Tower Falls 19 10 *8 

Old Faithful 41 33 52 

i*ke 34 37 44 

Thorofare 4jo 39 °° 

iiellr oaring 17 8 l6 

Horris 28 22 3© 

Canyon 43 42 54 


( i 

( i 

flMM "- *• ''■■' S "i *fl « 


: *fi* 











>- : • x 

. L£- 


















Snow Depths (Continued): 

station 1^25 




Sylvan Pass 

Snake River 

Bechler River 

Upper Slough Creek Station 

Sno* depths at other points are Indicate! 88 follows: 

Buffalo divide 65 inches, Cottonwood 3aein 42 Inches, Crevice Mountain 
44 inches, Parte Point 34 inches, Caoin Creek 38 inches, Siorofare 60 inches, 
Fox Creek Divide 9& inches, Aster Creek ic8 inches. Coven ilile Post north of 
Saaxe River 144 inches. Harebell Cabin JO inches and Heart Lake Caoin 72 Inches. 
Sao* depths along the .rest side are noted as fo 11 owing* douzidary Creek 108 incnes, 
Saffalo Lake ll8 inohes. South Riverside Cabin 102 inches and .est Yellowstone 
District 50 inches. 2her 1 is 64 iaoh«» on the Uorri s-Ganyon Divide. temperatures 
have ^ao&n comparatively mild throughout the month. 

54° *" Special Visitors 

:.r. D» . - ettle, State Gaue Varden of Arizona, was a visitor at 
Park headquarters early in the month. He arrived via 3utte and Livingston 
on the 2nd and departed via Livin^st'in and llUinga on the 7*h. He was keenly 
iaterosted in the wild liic activities in the *ianmoth District and was an in- 
terested observer of the iianuaoth Hot Springs formations* Una primary purpose 
of his visit was to receive and aecoqpany sj carload of oik apnsijrned to his 
address in Arizona. He assisted with their captor© and delivery to the carrier 
and enjoyed the experience Lameusoly. He left here with a fine spirit of en- 
thusiasm for xeilowstone * J ark. 

900 - jiisoellaneuus 

Hospital and Radical Service : Dr. Richard d. 3rady, the 3a 
Physician, reports 24 office calls and 21 house calls daring Febrosry. 

Post Office : ilofching unusual to report for February. 

Church .iervlces i Religious services were held in the Park during 
February, at Mamaoth Hot Springs, in the lodge room, as followss English 
Lutheran by Rev. Vobster H* Clement on Tuesday evening, February 1; i-pisoopal 
by Rev. John F. Garao on Sunday evening, February 6th, and on Sunday morning, 
February 20th; Hatnodist by Rev. Otto G. Ponath on ;.'s<ine8day evening, Feb. ?^rd. 

Ihe small room in the Amur enent Hall known as "The Lodge Room" was 
thoroughly renovated and put in splendid condition daring the month of February; 
and is now a Tory suitable room for church and other small community gatherings* 


< t 

( ( 








at* fc*Jcr. errs t'i'ia J*»w ait^^wt v- 

•v, : -^ >• vr '. 

-iri a* «4» tec* 




:. » 17 »cj-. -•*_ bM tafi Mti no 

.•' J«k i ":*v-«f!C/o Urtaaie; 

if »oV L: to 

, Mj#»i3B£ ».:- .diviit:. iii 84Btrxol>» 

.ota* Ami 


•«.< . Off 

oa .'if'; 

'*. arf* ai aooi lists »4¥ 
:n»Xr« ni J»q be« oe3«ror 

Iaaak ,/alton Leagne ; The locel chapter held one business meeting 
dazing the month, namely on the evening of February 8th. Good interest 
was manifested, and renewal of memberships ia reported as coming in 
satisfactorily, 'fixe meeting was unusually well attonded and considerable 
interest was manifested in the business transacted. Pleasing results 
were announced in connection with the campaign for new members and member- 
ship renewals and it was stated that there is now a paid up membership of 
49« It is believed that most delinquents will renew ana that we will hare 
a total membership of approximately 90* Mr* ^rnest Miliar of the UM Horn 
iianoh and ilr. J. !• Gratiot of Dubois, ^o., will prooabiy oe named as 
delegate ana alternate to the National Convention in Chicago* The next 
regular meeting will be held on March 8th. 

On February 26th a dance, sponsored oy the iiaamoth Community, 
was held in the Post Canteen, ihi s dance was attended If practically all 
of the i&aranoth residents and a very enjoyable evening was had oy every 
one* There has been a nuraoer of social functions among the ladies of the 
community during the month and a very friendly spirit has existed among 
the people of tho community. 

Cordially yours. 

Acting Superintendent. 

The Director, 
National Park Service, 
Bept* of tho Interior, 
Washington, D.C. 


( t ( < 


■3 / - b Ti 

iftwaaan tar Ho** caw 

I Lsjar^Uf: M* * a ar. a .t 11 i 

•••***■ BT nft air-wor.*.- qjtiit 

DM iztii J* .££ 

'etattmMi 1 0*0* a 

ona domA 

lBHOJtt«B ex'. ..:.». *3*fLmb 

«* oo fcX»xf od Li hi laltmm iftiirgt* 

•a e«v 
»w sclrc&v 

IBM ^',h;'.^^ •>;-. {,-,.. £ii>aeJhfi grew & bear <\ : s ■ .« ^JlruJb ^iaarc^o 










National Park for the Month of ..... PF/3HT .. 1J>lY 


This This 
Travel Month 

Year Last 
To Date Year 

Last Increase for 
Travel Travel Year 
Year 1 

J To Date Number j Percent 



Cars first entry 


1G4 315 192 

;,Cars reentry 


Total motor vehicles 

Persons entering via motor 

Persons entering via other 
private transportation 

Total persons entering via 
private transportation .... 


Persons entering via stages .. 

Persons entering via trains .. 

iPersons entering otherwise 

Total other transportation.. 






32 1299 



32 1299 



32 1299 

514 785 








Number | Perce 

Automobiles in public camps during month 
Campers in public camps during month 

f83TATa 03TIHU f 



'1 tflJS^ tflH 












sCT oT 






eesi s£ 




tl ;- 

lO-Jom fiiv §niieJ"n© anoaTal 


i erf Jo 

i anoaie? 


bjcv sniTe^n9 anoeT9q Ibj . 


. 8935^8 jsxv snxT9JTi9 anoaia^ 

. anifiid' £iv snxT9Jna anoeieS 

e8iwierfJo anxTeJne anoBieS 






rfJnom gn i tux) aqrafio oxldu I 

ri-jnom snxiuJb 8qni£0 ix ait 






.YBLLQ3B31QNB.. National Park for the Month of ™RUARY 1.227. 

This This Month 

Month Last Year 

Number of employees beginning of month, 63 64 


Number of additions, 

Total, 63 66 

Number of separations, 

Number of employees close of month,. , 

63 66 

Number of promotions during month 

Aggregate amount of annual leave taken, 
Aggregate amount of sick leave taken, 
Aggregate amount of leave without pay, 








JOKO ■ . U T A 

cfnoM erM r*S l*noii&K 

rttnoM e 

1JB9Y JefiJ ri.1i 

^3 1o sninnigetf 8 99^olqme Jo lecfmuH 

enoUibb* lo TecfamPI 

£3 .... ,L&ioT 

33 £3 

. . . . r 8noiJ£-i£q98 ^o T8cfinuH 
rfJnom lo ©solo 899^oIqai9 to letfrnuW 

rf^nom gniTub anoi-Jomonq "\o "lodraul 

ngtffiJ 9VB9I iBunnfi 1c b sJBsgTggA 

t H9J{B* 8VB8I ){Oie 10 JTIUOOLB 9^B3913§A 

■q d"uorf.tiw 8VB9I lo ^nuomB g^BggisaA 





™ LW :: B : 2 .°B National Park for the Month of"EHftSC..)3R7. 

This This Last Increase for 
| This J Travel | Month Travel Travel Year 
| Month | Year Last Year 

| To Date | Year To Date Number Percent 

Current generated, 44090.O 49G890.O 48810.O 471090.O 2^800. .05 

Bold to park operators, . . . W.8 79&>5-9 317-3 74&91-3 4914-& ^G 

Sold to others, 

Furnished to other Governmental 

Used by National Park Service, n n n , n no 

lost in transit, etc., . . . 4J?££ 417284^ 4^49^ 39^^ _ 208^___^ = 

Total current generated, . . 44090.0 496890*0 ffilOjO 471Q30jL_J!5JQQ^O- -°5 

Amount receivable from the sale of electricity, $ 9.v99. 

* Indicated by K. W. H. 

t % 

a3TAT3 03TIHU 

KOl9\3T\A\ 3HT ^O TU3MTflA^3a 



.OTa ,aaau t ajoa t aaTAH3Hao X1I™ TD ^* 

TOl 98B9 - : 

"ifieY fevjsiT 






9j-«a oT 

airiT sirfT | 

ciinoU | I9vbiT j airiT 
J-bbJ -usaY j rfJnoM 

1B9Y IgJfiQ oTl 



. .. . ^8<^e^ i • 

, 8*10 Jfiiaqo ilifiq--0it blc 
. . . ( oS blc 

XB^n9inm9voD -iscito o3 b9rfeimi; 

_ n _ ,90XVT93 tfiB^ IfinoiJfiPI ^cf b9e 

• ' ' • ■ " -• W S _-¥ 8 J£ • • f -ocT9 .Jisn/nJ ni Jeol 

• ' ; M^ • .be^ienea JneTwo LatoT 

p?.e » 

^J"ioiTJ"09l9 1o 9l£8 eciS moil 9lcffivi90©T Jnwoa 

,H .W .X \;cf bgJBoibnl 





YKLJO"ffi?0^1S- National Park for the Month of ??3HUAHJf ..1927. 

I This t 
Thi6 Month Increase Percent 
Month Last Year Increase 


iles of circuit maintained, . 

of telephones connected, . 
Jo. of measured service calls, 

Jo. of other local calls, . . 

jotal No. of local calls, . . 
feak load in calls per day, 











Receipts from measured service calls, 

" " coin boxes 

telephone rental, . . . 



So. Outbound calls, 
So. Inbound calls, 









Peak load in calls per day, " 

Receipts from Long Distance business, . . $39»&7 '^A 7( 

lAll of this revenue accrues to the Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph 80 





Messages via Western Union, 
Messages via 


Receipts from telegraph business 
No. of money transfer messages, 
" receipts, 


23TAT2 05TIHU 
flOmSTW 3HT 30 TV13MTflAS3a 


333HI3U8 HqAHD3J3T CM A 3H0H<13J3T 10 TH013H 
**o rttnoM eri,t -lot Via*? I*noi-t«H 

JneoTe*? 98£9-ionI rfjnoM axrfT 

esfisionl liJseY ,J8bJ! rfJnoM 





, benxfiJinxsm Jxuotxo lo ael 
. : ^baJbenrtoo asnariqalect 1o J 

,'bIXBO 90XVT88 b9tU8£9tn "JO .1 

. . . bIIbo IbooI lorfio "to .1 

. . .811,60 IbooI lo .oH Ib^j 

. ^Bb t^q all^o nx bBo!" tf«i 



.*'8IIbo 9oryT98 beixxeBgm raoTl <jjqx90i 
.39xod nxpo 
: I'B^n8T enorfqef- 

.** l 


aaawaua aoHAiaia ow 

•;.:so boxxodnl . 1 



,<i&b isq bXXbo rtx bBol >fBi 

Y<^.^^$ , . , aaenxaud 9onBisxCr ghoJ mot": a^qxaoi 
.r& r'qatjjelB r i ;.,-e& enoriqelel aeJsja ciatfnc* .r'.cr'i-.oe exjneven: aixtt 'xo Li 

333Wiaua H1AHQ3 J! 


. noxnU msJasW jbxv 39gB8a( 

BXV 39§B88( 


aaenxaxxo' ciq&i%8le3 men'! e-jqxaoi 
f ae§B88?n- tel • -»norn ^0 .( 

; a*qx909t 

■BfiSG H1AH03J3T £ 3M0Hq3J3T 3Tqi303H JATC 





WIJOII National Park for the Month of FLBRU.lRY.l^ 

This Last 

j Year Year 

Park revenue on hand "beginning of month, 

Received _ .ItZ$I-5I -MAM. 

Total 3,743.53 424.88 

Remitted 3,743.53 WM 

On hand close of .-ncnth 

Park revenues received this year to date, i? 2l6,l6l.23 

Park revenues received last year to date, 33 "» 604*30 


Percent of iacrsasa^ decrease. _, 


( s